Jack DeBell

Jack DeBell

Jack DeBell

Jack DeBell Development Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services
[email protected]

BAS Environmental Studies, Organizational Management, University of Colorado, 1984

Work-Study Recycling Employee University of Colorado 1979-1984
Program Specialist/Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services. 1985 – 2000
Development Director, University of Colorado Recycling Services, 2000- present
Task Forces/Advisory Boards Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board. 2005-present
Chair, Boulder County Resource Conservation Advisory Board. 2006-2007
Special Liaison, National Recycling Coalition Board of Directors. 2006-present
Steering Committee, College and University Recycling Council. 1993-2008
State Waste Diversion Advisory Committee, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. 1/94-6/95 Board of Directors, National Recycling Coalition. 10/92-10/94
Boulder County Solid Waste Task Force. 9/92-3/94
Curriculum Development Committee, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. 2/90-9/93 Technical Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Peer Match Program. 8/88-6/91
Citizen Advisory Committee, State of Colorado Environment 2000 Project. 9/87-9/89
Boulder County Solid Waste Advisory Committee. 2/85-2/88

Selected Publications

“Waste Reduction and Recycling” Blueprint for a Green Campus, University of Colorado. April, 2006
“Colorado Institutional Food Waste Composting Guide” Colorado Office of Conservation. January, 2004
“Coming of Age: Recycling on Campus.” Resource Recycling. September, 1994.
“Recycling on the Rise at College Campuses.” Recycle Colorado. October, 1993.
“Waste Reduction and Recycling.” Environmental Management. January, 1991 Decision Maker’s Guide for Recycling. Colorado Office of Energy Conservation. January, 1990.

Selected Presentations & Workshops

Hospitality, Events, and Venues, US Zero Waste Business Council, June 2012
Characterizing Zero Waste Campuses College and University Recycling Council, Sept, 2010
Game Day Challenge US EPA September, 2010
National Recycling Congresses. 1988-2008
“Recycling and Climate Change”, CU Energy Initiative Forum, 2006
“Smart and Sustainable Campuses” Conference, U.S. EPA, 2005
Association of Higher Education Officials, Education Institute Faculty, 2003- 2006
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, 2005
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. April 1995
CU Presidents Leadership Council. October, 1993
United Nations Environment Programme. July, 1993
World Recycling Conference. 1991, 1993
California Local Government Commission. May, 1991
Exxon Recycling Forum. April, 1991
Program Development CU’s Intermediate Processing Facility for Recycling Course Design and Instruction,
CU Sustainability Practices Program Computers to Youth: Electronics Reuse and Mentoring Program Green on the Screen: Digital Media Contest
RecycleMania Steering Committee National College and University Recycling Council
National Standards for Resource Management Professionals Extended Producer Responsibility: Contract Reform Zero Waste Events