What Do We Do with Hard-to-Recycle Plastics & Other Materials?

Recycling plastics specifically has become very difficult with the shakeup in China and the hold that the country recently placed on plastics. For this Webinar, GreenEducation will have a speaker who knows plastics and can help us understand the different outlets for plastics. In addition, we will talk about wood, metals, and best practices with different materials. This session will focus on identifying outlets for those hard-to-recycle items.

This session moderated by Sue Beets-Atkinson. Sue is director of Sustainability at SBM Management and she is the current Chair of GBCI’ s TRUE Zero Waste Advisory Council. Sue has extensive experience working with and for businesses to implement Zero Waste Best Known Methods (BKMs) in the industry

Who should attend? Recycling or sustainability coordinators responsible for increased diversion, cost savings, and recycling programs should attend this session. Individuals will learn techniques to find outlets for their hard-to-recycle items.


Held: Wednesday, July 11

Additional Information

Course counts toward re-certification credit for Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional program.